Top 5 Most Recent Games

The most recent games aren’t the greatest games of the year, but they’re the ones that stand out most. They’ll be talked about and playing them long after they’ve come out whether because of their captivating stories, the enthralling environment or their unrelenting gameplay.

While most sequels are iterative improvements on an existing formula, XCOM 2 rises above its predecessor thanks to an entirely new perspective and a revamped combat system that provides an endless number of possibilities for players with experience. It’s one the few titles that is both child-friendly as well as mature, with a fun factor that doesn’t muddle its quality of play.

The first non-Squaresoft release to utilize the brand new Unreal Engine 4 software, Brutal Legend shows that old-school action games still have an impact. The game is awash with nostalgia from every crevice, with a style that combines the dark beauty of PS1 classics and the dazzling majesty of contemporary action games.

Spec Ops The Line is an excellent shooter with a plot that’s more important than ever. It’s the most engaging installment to date in the series, with a sci-fi setting that’s both accessible and difficult to sympathize with and a character that’s accessible but also difficult to empathise.

Despite the absence or lack of new content, Final Fantasy XIV has found itself firmly back in the good graces of its players after a rocky start with Warlords of Draenor. The game’s revival is attributed to a renewed focus on storytelling, and the constant commitment of the development team to continue improving the base experience by introducing a variety extensions that make it one of the few MMO subscriptions you’ll want stick with.

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