How to Run Better Board Meetings

Meetings of the board are crucial to the success of any company, whether they serve as an opportunity for strategic decision-making or as a framework for governance. However, despite their importance, the effectiveness of board meetings is usually restricted by the way in which they’re run.

A strategic approach is essential to ensure a successful board meeting. This will ensure that every meeting is full of energy and results in meaningful discussions. A flexible agenda that sets the agenda for important topics and gives sufficient time for each item of discussion is a good place to begin.

Aside from setting clear objectives as well as establishing clear objectives, it is important to ensure that all board members receive materials for the board and are properly prepared before the meeting. This can make board meetings more productive. Lastly, preparing accurate and concise meeting minutes that record discussions and decisions as well as actions items with timelines is an important component for successful board meetings.

By limiting the time spent on routine tasks and reports, you can spend more time on meaningful and impactful discussions. As a rule it is recommended to not spend more than 25% of meeting time discussing routine items and reports.

Distractions caused by new discussion topics that don’t have any direct impact on the company’s goals could waste the valuable time of the board and cut into the amount of time that is available to strategic planning and thinking. To mitigate this most boards have an area for parking at the end of their agendas to push any non-priority items that require discussion into subsequent meetings.

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