Creating a Dynamic Agenda for Board Meetings

Board Meetings are the place where major decisions regarding the direction of a company’s policies, direction and operations are made. Board meetings are a great opportunity for directors to stay up to the latest on the business in general and ensure that the company will attain its objectives.

It is essential to read all relevant reports and updates prior to any deliberation or decision is made. This includes financial statements as well as customer feedback surveys and any other relevant information that can inform a decision by the Board.

All board members should receive this information well in advance of the meeting so that any concerns or questions can be taken care of before the board’s full meeting. This is especially important in the event that committee chairs are present to save time at the board meeting.

Getting sidetracked by new discussions topics during a board meeting is a major time-waster and distracts board members from the most important agenda items. To counter this, many boards have a «parking lot on their agendas so that they can put off agenda topics to be discussed later so that the primary agenda items are tackled first.

Creating a dynamic and thorough agenda and sticking to it for a long time ensures that committee and board members and their opinions are respected. Taking the time to create an effective agenda can help the meeting start on-time and finish on time leaving attendees feeling positive about the Board meeting experience.

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