Board Room Software – How it Can Help Your Board Make Better Decisions

Board room software is a centralized cloud platform that is used by those at the top (directors and CEOs). It assists them in reducing their workload and make better decisions. The best board portal has numerous tools for both the administrative staff, who oversee the process behind the scenes and directors who make the decisions.

Board members gain centralized access to all the documents for meetings, communications from colleagues directors and other executives, organizational policies and their assignments. They can also access documents, edit and share them easily. This is especially important if they travel frequently or have to meet at unscheduled times.

An agenda template that is simple allows administrators to organize all information and provide a clear structure for the minutes of board meeting. They can also upload documents that require signatures and forward the documents to the directors via email. Directors sign their names on the document with just a single click, without needing to download and open it. This eliminates the possibility of sending confidential information to the wrong person.

During the meeting, it’s simple to share and comment on documents using a variety annotation tools. The page synchronization feature and laser pointer allow directors to read and annotate documents on any device. Minutes of meetings are easily and securely compiled to be published and shared following the meeting. Directors can also sign off on the minutes in one click. If a director’s cell device is stolen the remote wipe feature will delete all locally stored data.