Board Portal Cost – A Framework For Thinking About and Justifying the Cost of a Board Portal

Examining the cost of a board portal is a key factor in the decision to invest in a technological solution to manage meeting materials as well as other governance-related content. Most organizations think of tools like email or free online file-sharing applications as free alternatives, however these tools have significant hidden costs that are difficult to quantify. This article will provide a framework for thinking about and justifying the costs of board portals.

Board management software is offered in a variety of pricing levels, and the prices vary based on features and functions. This means that buyers have to evaluate pricing structures to find a solution that fits their budget and gives a satisfactory return on investment.

Be aware of the total price of a software product including the initial purchase as well as system configuration and installation costs such as training, ongoing maintenance and data storage, as well as other hidden costs. Avoid subscription models that have high upfront costs and regular charges. They can quickly add up.

A board portal must be easy to use. It shouldn’t require any technical expertise or time away from the board’s core functions to be used effectively. Ask vendors about their adoption and training procedures and how they ensure that users are comfortable with the platform.

A good quality board management software will be able to provide secure storage for sensitive documents and files, as well as the capability to host meetings and collaborate with remote participants. It should also meet the rules of governance and compliance for the company and permit electronic signatures to simplify the administrative process.

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