Benefits of Board Portal Technology

Board portal technology allows companies to streamline governance processes, which saves time for directors. It helps directors to prepare for meetings, and helps administrators create and distribute board packages, and also record and share meeting minutes. Board members are also able to review materials messages, policies, organizational documents and assignments all in one location.

During meetings, a portal for boards allows instant access to most current versions of documents. This eliminates the need for email attachments or shared folders and decreases the risk of sensitive information getting into the inappropriate hands. In addition an online board portal is simple for members to use regardless of tech-savviness. This alleviates the burden of administrative assistants to support the board, and allows board members to focus more time on important decisions.

In the days leading up to meetings, the board portal allows for virtual voting so members can take decisions from anywhere. This is especially beneficial for associations where members are scattered throughout the globe and unable to attend face-to-face meetings. Using a board portal for associations boards can help them reduce travel costs and increase their productivity and engagement.

While evaluating board portal software options It is important to remember that not all solutions are created identical. Choose a solution that provides all the security, features and pricing you want. Find out about the training and support options provided to your board. Some providers provide one-on-one instruction and an entire team of board experts to ensure that your members are comfortable using the new software, regardless of their technical expertise.