Virtual Document Safe Storage Remedy

Videos, documents, photos and presentations can gobble up lots of space on the computer, tablet or phone. This can slow down the system and make it difficult to finish work. An online document safe storage solution can save these files in the cloud, so that they can be accessed from any device and at any moment.

Keep your digital records in a document secure online to guard them against fires and other disasters. It also helps reduce the amount of paper used in offices. Additionally, the ability to share documents with clients, partners, and other interested parties through a virtual data room makes the process much more efficient and effective.

A Virtual Document Safe can be configured to have a file-index which is a representation of the structure of logical documents regardless of the kinds of files are stored in it. A report, for example might include tables in Word and data in Excel, as well as a PowerPoint presentation. All of these can be grouped into one document using the indexing feature.

A document safe online gives the benefit of allowing guests to accept terms of access prior to viewing documents. You can restrict them to only viewing certain pages or files within the document, or revoke access after a predetermined time. Some providers offer advanced options, like dynamic watermarking, which can be used to prevent screenshots, or other ways of sharing the information.