Strategic Planning Software – Empower Your Teams With a Strategic Planning Tool

Whether you’re looking to align your entire team around a shared vision or simply complete more in a shorter amount of time, strategic planning software can help develop your plans from concept to execution. A good tool for strategy will empower your teams while streamlining collaboration workflows, project management and reporting.

Your strategy software should have an intuitive interface that lets you develop and revise your plans using templates customized for various strategic planning processes. If you’re performing an SWOT analysis, for example the software should allow your team to brainstorm ideas and then create a document with them all within the platform. The same is true for more structured processes like OKRs or goal setting.

You should also ensure that the software you choose to use can accommodate your preferred strategy-oriented planning method whether it’s best practice, Six Sigma, or management by goals. It should facilitate the creation of scorecards from each of the four perspectives to assist you in measuring the performance of your business and identify areas for improvement.

You should also be aware that your strategic planning tool is able to communicate with your operational systems using APIs. This will allow you to pull data from your operational platforms into strategic planning tools and avoid double entry and manual updates.

A good strategic planning tool can also help your team members to assign deadlines and tasks, assign ownership of measures, and receive notifications when tasks are late. It should offer you multiple ways to visualize and monitor your progress, including timelines, Gantt Charts, resource scheduling and more.